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Custom Dashboard Solutions For Financial Services

  • Visualize your information in near real-time

  • Reduce time spent on monthly reporting

  • Combining expertise in analytics and visualization, with a focus on the Financial Services industry, our solutions deliver value instantly

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Put Your Data To Work

Among our clients are trading technology firms that touch over 8% of US stock trading volume and brokerage firms with nearly $1B in AUM - we know this business

  • Minimize operational costs​

  • Accelerate decision-making​

  • Optimize internal business processes​

  • Reduce customer attrition

  • Gain competitive advantage

Common Client Data

  • Trading Volumes (Equity, Contract, TBIL, etc.)

  • AUM

  • Commissions

  • ACATs

  • Salesperson Tracking

  • Financial Reporting

  • Google Analytics Web Data

  • Customer Surveys

  • Call Center

Person Checking Data

Our experience extends beyond reporting to help clients gather additional insight and streamline their business…

Analytics and Insights

Customer Research

Mobile Apps

Data Warehousing

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"We’ve been working with the team at BI Nest for months and have nothing but extremely positive feedback.  They are professional, communicative, timely, easy to work with, and great at taking our company’s data and creating meaningful visualizations.  We’ve ask them to work with financial, marketing and operational data, and the results have been fantastic.  They have delved into complex tables to ensure they understand the key metrics we need illustrated.  We look forward to having an ongoing partnership with BI Nest and view them as an extension of our internal team."

Laura Witter-Johnson

Trading Technology Executive

Report Samples

Sales Report, Yearly Snapshot

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