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Data Management & Business Intelligence Solutions

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Discover your data


The BI Nest mission is to improve the customer experience and grow businesses by optimizing business operations with an integrated data strategy.

We bring the most important information for your business into one convenient, mobile-friendly dashboard, which allows you to:​​

  • Take full advantage of your data​

  • Minimize operational costs​

  • Accelerate decision-making​

  • Optimize internal business processes​

  • Build customer loyalty​

  • Gain competitive advantage

Our Services

Our 10+ years of business intelligence consulting experience allows us to see through convoluted systems and make sense of data in a way that’s best for your business. From data analytics consulting to enterprise business intelligence, we know that a guiding measurement of success for any BI strategy is adoption by the end users of the organization, and we strive to ensure these users are comfortable with the software.

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Data Visualization

Streamline reporting and decision making with executive ready interactive dashboards

Power Automate

Automate manual tasks to run operations efficiently


Power Apps

Internal applications to speed up and simplify tasks

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Analytics & Insights

Empowering Data-driven Excellence with Actionable Insights

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Data Warehousing

Centralize your data and turn it into a usable asset

Working with BI Nest

Our process brings your business and your customers to the forefront of our visualizations and analytics



  • Understand business objectives

  • Identify Power Apps and Power Automate opportunities 

  • Evaluate available data

  • Gather requirements

  • Conceptualize visualizations



  • Customer Journey mapping

  • Incorporate customer feedback

  • Behavioral segmentation



  • BI Nest Data Warehouse solution consultation, if needed

  • ETL design and implementation

  • Data aggregation and cleansing

  • Relationships established in model


  • BI Nest Data Visualization services 

  • Visualize metrics important to your business 

  • Custom design to align with your brand

  • Automated dashboards and simplified reporting



  • BI Nest Operational and Customer Analytics

  • Answer the ‘why?’ behind the data

  • Ongoing value of analyzing key metrics over time


  • Actionable recommendations delivered by BI Nest

  • Quick decision making using intuitive visuals

  • Socialize data to align on goals



  • New competitive advantage

  • Increased customer loyalty

  • Improved operational efficiency

  • Decreased operational cost

  • Accelerated growth

  • Increasing value of data assets

Common Client Data

  • POS Transactions

  • Accounting Software

  • Web Traffic

  • Email Campaign

  • Online Reviews

  • Social Media

  • Customer Surveys

  • Call Center

  • Operational

There's a story behind this data and we'll help you find it.

Laura Witter-Johnson

Sterling Trading Tech

Laura Witter-Johnson

Sterling Trading Tech

Person Checking Data
Industrial City


  • Retail

  • Food and drink

  • Logistic

  • Finance

  • Manufacturing

  • Health and Fitness

  • Tourism

  • Field Services

  • Real Estate

  • Public and Private Education

Our skill set reaches across industries.

Products We Use

"We’ve been working with the team at BI Nest for months and have nothing but extremely positive feedback.  They are professional, communicative, timely, easy to work with, and great at taking our company’s data and creating meaningful visualizations.  We’ve ask them to work with financial, marketing and operational data, and the results have been fantastic.  They have delved into complex tables to ensure they understand the key metrics we need illustrated.  We look forward to having an ongoing partnership with BI Nest and view them as an extension of our internal team."

Laura Witter-Johnson

CFO, Sterling Trading Tech

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