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Data Visualization & Business Intelligence

Data Visulization

Bring your business operations and the customer experience to life with intuitive visualizations that simplify complex data. Our methodology combines multiple data sources into one interactive dashboard, so you no longer need to manually update and analyze multiple spreadsheets to keep track of your business.

Interactive Dashboards

  • Tell a story with complex data

  • Filter down to data you need

  • Executive ready formatting

  • Make decisions more quickly

Streamlined Reports

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  • Quickly export the data you need

  • Multiple data sources in one place

  • Pre-calculated variables important to your business

  • Analysis ready data

Supporting BI Solutions

Power Apps


Custom internal applications to support your business operations

  • Increased visibility for management

  • Improved sales experience

  • Organized order requests

  • Increased efficiency on front lines

Power Automate


Automated responses to changes in business or triggers in data:

  • Designed around your business

  • Reduced manual work using automation

  • Improved customer communications

  • Increased awareness of business operations

Power Auto/Apps

Our data visualization incorporates sophisticated analytics and Business intelligence softwares that bring your data to life:

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Data Warehousing

Data Warehousing

BI Nest data warehouse (DWH) services help companies migrate their data into an accessible, centralized storage solution. Having consolidated, clean and organized data under one roof will enhance querying process and decision-making.


Our consulting includes DWH design, implementation and migration. We will help you choose right data warehouse platform, architecture, and data model for optimal performance and costs.

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Enhanced Business


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Data Quality &


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Warehousing Process

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Data Sources

We start with a simple data set to prove the concept, using a set of data that’s currently difficult to manage.


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(Extract, Transform, Load)

We create pipelines to extract and transform the data from the source system.

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Data Warehouse

We load the data into the data warehouse and work around your software systems, adding new data sets until you have a complete picture of your business.

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Business Intelligence

We build out the analytics to provide rich visualizations of your data, making it easier for you to understand.

Analytics & Insights


Operational Analytics

Data driven operations are the foundation for scaling a business. Simplifying operations into a handful of key metrics allows leaders to manage the business and still have time to focus on strategy.

BI Nest Analytics Offerings 

  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Development

  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) Optimization

  • Process Improvement and Optimization

  • Predictive Analytics and Forecasting

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Customer Analytics

As the business landscape changes, so do customer preferences and pain points. Companies with a deep understanding of customer needs and wants maintain a strong competitive advantage.

BI Nest Customer Analytics Offerings 

  • Customer Behavior Analytics

  • Brand Health Tracking

  • Customer Journey Mapping

  • Feedback Survey

  • Design Marketing Segmentation

The BI Nest Complete Package

Each BI Nest solution provides significant value when purchased separately but used together they provide a compounding return on investment. Our focus on answering the ‘why?’ behind data and consumer behavior makes BI Nest unique to competitors who visualize data at the surface level.


We’re passionate about identifying relationships between operational and customer data that provide a unique view into your business and support effective business decisions.


  • Understand Business Objectives

  • Evaluate Available Data

  • Gather Requirements

  • Conceptualize Visualizations

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Data Extraction

  • BI Nest Data Warehouse solution consultation, if needed

  • ETL design and implementation

  • Data aggregation and cleansing

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Data Modeling

  • Identify data relationships

  • Design for simplicity and efficiency

  • Refine visualization concepts

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BI Optimization

  • New visuals added as needed

  • Data analysis to reveal insights

  • Constant feedback and iteration

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  • Review findings with Client

  • Deploy dashboard to Client Office 365 environment

  • Power BI 101 training

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& QA

  • Bring data to life

  • Ensure ease of use and interpretation

  • Validate data accuracy

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