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About Us

Our Mission

Improve the customer experience and grow client revenue by optimizing business operations with an integrated data strategy.

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Customer Centric

Answer the ‘why?’ with our consumer behavior focus on analytics.

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Tailored Solutions

Your strategy drives our work, which ensures our deliverables are actionable.

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Decade of Experience

Our experience makes us comfortable with complex problems and data.

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Long-Term Value

Solutions built to last, with a strategy focused on tracking shifts in customer needs.

Our Story

The founding BI Nest partners found themselves employed by a Fortune 150 company working with their customer experience transformation group.

Chris, with a background in data science and analytics, focused on structuring, querying, and analyzing operational data to uncover key performance indicators (KPIs) that would drive business savings and growth opportunities. His design and business intelligence capabilities enabled him to visualize these insights for executives and front-line employees to align the business on what was most important.

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Kevin, a Master of Market Research graduate and analytics geek, spent his time applying statistical methodology and consumer behavior thought to customer and operational data to uncover pain points in the customer experience to deliver recommendations on how to improve the experience and retain customers.

Chris and Kevin combined their skill sets to quickly and effectively break down business operations into actionable insights that improved the company’s customer satisfaction metric and drive recommendations that would save on operational costs and provide growth opportunities.


The intersection between the complementary skill sets of data science, business intelligence, and customer centric analysis is where BI Nest was born.

Our Values

We believe that if you focus on the customer experience, all else will follow. When visualizing and analyzing client data, we constantly ask ourselves, “How can we use this information to improve the end user experience?”

Customer Centric

We pride ourselves on providing complete visibility into the progress we make on projects with frequent updates and constant availability for questions. As problems arise, we are sure to share these with clients and offer solutions so we can take the best path forward.


We respect and appreciate the sensitive nature of our clients' data. We take the upmost precaution with personal and competitive information, giving our clients' assurance in the safety of our work.

Data Integrity

Our agile approach and open mindedness enables progress and growth. We’re passionate about learning and this mindset helps us stay abreast of new technologies that will help our clients succeed.

Always Learning

We are a company of entrepreneurs. We approach each client as if their business was our own. Feeling pride in the growth and accomplishments, while being motivated with the speedbumps.


We embrace ambiguous and difficult problems. We approach each day with the goal of making forward progress toward our end objective of delivering actionable insights to clients, while remaining flexible to changing environments and new information.


Data is only useful if you can turn it into action. With every insight, we dig a level deeper to understand the ‘why’ and pride ourselves in outside-of-the-box thinking.


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