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Custom Dashboard Solutions For Financial Services

Visualize your information in near real-time

Reduce time spent on monthly reporting

Combining expertise in analytics and visualization, with a focus on the Financial Services industry, our solutions deliver value instantly

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Microsoft Partner
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Put Your Data To Work

Among our clients are trading technology firms that touch over 8% of US stock trading volume and brokerage firms with nearly $1B in AUM - we know this business

​Minimize operational costs​

Accelerate decision-making​

Optimize internal business processes​

Reduce customer attrition

Gain competitive advantage

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Common Client Data

Trading Volumes (Equity, Contract, TBIL, etc.)




Salesperson Tracking

Financial Reporting

Google Analytics Web Data

Customer Surveys

Call Center

Our experience extends beyond reporting to help clients gather additional insight and streamline their business…

Analytics and Insights

Customer Research

Mobile Apps

Data Warehousing

Purple Podiums
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What Our Clients Say

“The BI Nest Team has been extremely responsive and professional. Very qualified for PowerBI work. Would absolutely hire BI Nest again and again.”

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Marc Beattie,

Managing Partner, Wainhouse Research

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